How to Download Fallout Shelter on PC

After the release of Fallout Shelter on iOS devices, it began to quickly gain momentum, leaving behind the leaders of downloads in the App Store in just a couple of days. Now it is available on personal computers, which has further sparked the excitement of this hideout simulator among gamers. Compared to previous versions of this game, Fallout Shelter has fundamentally different goals. You have to build a shelter, develop it in all respects and hide a large number of characters in it.

How to install and play Fallout Shelter on PC

  1. Download the installation of the iPadian3.
  2. Install it on your computer (the program will ask you to install Opera, what should be done).
  3. In the program menu, click on the App Store icon.
  4. In the list of applications, select Fallout Shelter and click Free.
  5. After installation, launch the Fallout Shelter game on your PC.

Perhaps someone will be saddened by the fact that the game was released entirely in English, but do not worry, because the average level of knowledge will allow you to enjoy the game absolutely calmly. In any case, I think a crack will be released very soon.

The best part of playing on pc is that you can easily use a Fallout Shelter save editor such as this one:

So, as a missionary, you must develop your refuge and save people who will knock on your door from the dangers that surrounded them in the open wasteland. The number of rescued directly depends on the capacity and the stage of detaching the bunker. Only you will decide who to let into the shelter, assessing the capabilities and professions of the characters. Your task is busy with their work, and as a result, they will develop the infrastructure of the bunker, and monitor the normal functionality of the housing. It is also necessary to maintain the heroes in a fit condition, to help the main indicators are displayed, the balance of which must be carefully monitored, these are energy, water, food, and the level of happiness.

A certain amount of reserves is spent on maintaining all indicators, and it is logical that the larger the population of the bunker, the more wasted on its maintenance. You will have to improve your premises in order to extract resources and improve people. For additional coins, you can open rooms with new functions.

Fallout Shelter will not let you calmly enjoy the monotonous movement of events, because from time to time you will be attacked by unexpected raids of robbers or radioactive insects, and sometimes everyday troubles.

In general, you will not be bored, there will be a lot of interesting and exciting things.

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